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Unemployed • Have helped multiple agencies make $100K+ with http://getcyberleads.com • Built and failed 19 products • Blog daily at http://alexwest.co


Running @hellofailory - A content site for startup founders (+70k users/mo). I tweet about building Failory in public, startups and digital products.


Making one tiny project each week. 💡 http://tinyprojects.dev 💵 http://earlyname.com 🌎 http://snormal.com 🛍️ http://oneitem.store 👨‍💻 http://benstokes.dev


Striving for financial independence while running ethical, privacy focused businesses.


18-year-old indie maker & @laravelphp artist. Building http://sitesauce.app, http://auralite.io & more. vibing @genzmafia . he/him


Founder of @vokal_co and I'm building it in public #buildinpublic -- Previously http://workmode.co, http://thatfix.com & http://barberhead.com